Post Launch of STS-1

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STS-1 jpg numbered













1           Tip Talone

3           Andy Brown

4           Chuck Hannon

5           Jim Towe

6           Roy Tharpe

7           Elliott Kicklighter

11        Don Eversberg

12        Don Doerr

13        Dr. Wyckliffe “Wick” Hoffler

24        Art Edwards

25        Dick Murray

26        Susan Gray

28        Ivan Velez

30        Enice Hubble

31        Jim Tatum

33        Don Frenk


  1. Malcolm Glenn says:

    “Roy Thorpe” should be “Roy Tharpe”
    Thank you.
    Malcolm Glenn

  2. Malcolm Glenn says:

    Some more STS-1 photo IDs:
    #25 Dick Murray
    #26 Susan Gray
    #28 Ivan Velez
    #30 Enice Hubble
    #31 Jim Tatum
    #33 Don Frenk

    Thank you!
    Malcolm Glenn and Pete Chitko

  3. Bob Sieck says:

    Some STS #1 photo ID’s ..
    #5 is Jim Towe – Rockwell ASTC
    #11 is Don Eversberg, not John Conway
    #12 is Don Doerr – NASA biomed engineer
    #24 is Art Edwards – Rockwell software engineer
    Thanks for bringing back the good memories of this event!

  4. Al Sofge says:

    #3-Andy Brown
    #4-Chuck Hannon

  5. Russ Lloyd says:

    #7 is Elliott Kicklighter. #4 may be Chuck Hannon?

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