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Explorer One Blockhouse – Launch Team

                           Jan 31, 1958




1. Albert Zeiler

2. Capt. Ballard Small

3. W. O. “Curly” Chandler

4. Carl Whiteside

5. Ike Rigell

6. Milt Chambers

7. Bob Moser

8. C. D. Sweat

9. Terry Greenfield



 Explorer One Pad Crew

During the Redstone Program, 3 crews were established in the mechanical group under Albert Zeiler. One was the hangar crew with James Jackson as the mechanical tech foreman. Jay Campbell was the pad crew mechanical tech foreman, and J. B. Russell was the fueling and handling mechanical tech foreman. Click on photo.

Explorer 1 Pad Crew, Jan 31, 1958

This is the Explorer I Pad Crew, Left to right:

Ed Fannin, John Harris, Jay Campbell, Joe Lendle,  Bill Stealey, Ira Thompson, Harry Shockey, Jim  Rasberry

Explorer 1 Post Launch

Jan 31, 1958


Explorer 1 numbered


  1. Tommy Pantoliano
  2. Dr. Rudolph  Bruns
  3. H. H. Koelle
  4. Karl Sendler
  5. John Holder
  6. Dr. Kurt Debus
  7. Dr. Hans Gruene

 Members of the Launch Team assigned at KSC in Jan 31, 1968 – Ten years later

A ten year anniversary folder was published on Jan 31, 1968. The below list of names and organization  pages are from it. Click on photos twice to expand












Explorer IV

RS 44 numbered






















Explorer 20 Year Reunion

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Explorer 20 year reunion

Explorer 20 year reunion

Explorer numbered left

Picture numbered, left side

Explorer numbered right

Picture numbered, right side


1 Bill Jaffries

2 Jim Davidson

3 Barney Kennerly

4 Ed Fannin

5 Billy Driskill

7 Carrol Rouse

8 Jim Harton

9 Marion Edwards

10 Don Gordon

11 Tom Allen

12 Les Qwens

13 Ike Rigell

14 Jim Carrol

15 Crayton Garrett

16 Gayle “Bunk” Wolfe

17 Willie Hadwin

18 Bill Hardin

19 Bob Funkhouser

20 Bobbie Clark

21 Paul Schmidt

22 Carl Whiteside

23 Billy Coble

24 Hayward Brewster

25 Tom Pantiliano

26 Henry Crunk

27 Jack Brewer

28 John Watt

31 Frank Childers

32 Ed Hopton

33 Andy Pickett

35 Frank Keck

36 Sgt. Lipgens

37 Jack Humphrey

38 Harry Shockey

39 Ted Hershey

40 John Avery

Back of picture

Back of 20 year Reunion Picture

41 Bill Canon

44 Bob Gorman

45 Ann Taylor

46 C. V. Hughes

48 Randy Youmans

50 Carl

51 Jim Fitzgerald

53 Jack Flieger

54 Carl Jones

55 Jean Greenfield

56 Jim White

58 Don Orman

60 Pete Minderman

61 Frank Coppedge

62 Sam Grimbly

63 John Twigg

64 Jose Gonzalez

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