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The Space Walk of Fame Museum has opened a SPACE WORKERS HALL OF HONOR  to identify anyone who has ever worked in any of our space programs.  This is an online (web-based) recognition dedicating an entire page to each and every worker – past and present – to highlight and acknowledge their service.  If you or a family member had any role at all at any time in our space programs, please log on to www.spacehonors.org and create a page spotlighting them.  This project will help preserve our space history and honor those who made it possible!  

You can their website at www.spacewalkoffame.org


We Are In Summer Recess during July and August!

The NASA Alumni League is in recess until September.  We will resume our monthly luncheons on September 20th at the Radisson Resort at the Port.  The speaker will be Ronnie Lawson, NASA’s Deputy Director of Exploration Research & Technology at KSC.  We will begin registration on September 1.




Did you know there are TWO NASA/Contractor breakfasts each month?
1.  The first Tuesday of each month at Village Inn, Titusville, 7:30 a.m.
2.  The last Monday of each month at Malibu Restaurant, Rockledge, 8:30 a.m.
Everyone is welcome; no registration is required. Bring an appetitie!
“Now that I’m retired, what can I do to help the space program?”
Check out the Photo ID Project
Frank Bryan, who began this as a personal quest to contribute, says: “There are lots of photos of the old rockets and launch pads in the KSC archives showing people who were part of the team, but the official photos provide no names. Twenty years from now no one will know who was there. With our experience, we can add that information for all who come after us.”
With that as a starting point, the NALFL Photo ID Project (PIP) was born. Join in and add your own personal knowledge by “filling in the blanks” on the historic photos for each program conducted at KSC and leave a fitting legacy for our future.

For local news and events, visit our Facebook page!


See the official NASA website for national news.

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